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The Great Dragon Bake off

0-5 years

At the Ferocious Dragon Academy, dragons-in-training learn the arts of bone crunching and teeth sharpening. But there is one dragon who harbours a passion for a most undragon-like pastime ...Meet Flamie Oliver. To look at, Flamie is as terrifying as ...

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Amazing Back to School Series

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Amazing Back to School Series

Back to School can be the perfect time to start fresh, a new beginning. It could be the beginning of a new chapter in your story. Every famous book series needs to start somewhere!

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  • There is no book cover


    The Fish with Red Tails

    How do I obtain a copy of the book the fish with red tails, by ayla jay Raby?

  • The Banker and the Pauper

    The Banker and the Pauper

    A wonderful lesson for us all in an increasingly money orientated world! (-BUT not everyone has enough to survive -and we should remember that too.)

  • Burning

    Zoya Anwar


    Burning is something special. Fast paced, a page turner and thoroughly interesting, I would definitely recommend this. Rating: 4/5 The cover of Burning is in some aspects good; I love the ...

  • The Fox and the Grapes

    Franziska Foerster

    The Fox and the Grapes

    I loved the story. And so did my kids. I would have liked the voiceover to be a little more animated.

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