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The Great Shelby Holmes: Girl Detective

9-11 years Shelby Holmes is not your average nine-year-old. For one, she happens to be the best detective her neighbourhood has ever seen, using her uncanny analytical mind and sassy attitude to solve crimes which stump even the police department. But when ...

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Fiction Express - The Importance of Reading

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Fiction Express - The Importance of Reading

Reading stamina is a phrase that is popping up more and more in the world of literacy and it’s not hard to see why. Children are growing up in a world that teaches them to use technology for ...

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  • My First Encyclopedia of Why?


    My First Encyclopedia of Why?

    My girl, who is 7, loves this book. We use it as a reference book now when tricky questions arise. It covers quite a wide range of subjects, from nature to reproduction, very handy! We also love ...

  • The Grin in the Dark

    The Grin in the Dark

    This book is so cooool I love ?? It ????????

  • Robin's Winter Song

    Robin's Winter Song

    Isla loves the bit where he makes friends with the bear and they snuggle together. She loves hugs and I am not surprised that she enjoyed that part. It is a great story that introduces the changing ...

  • Robin's Winter Song

    Isla Rae, 4 Years

    Robin's Winter Song

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