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Rebel, Bully, Geek, Pariah

+12 years

The truth is that jail is a place where you can still hold on to hope - hope you'll be bailed out, hope you'll be found innocent, hope you'll get a second chance.Four teenagers, never destined to ...

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Build Your Confidence

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Build Your Confidence

Never change for a bully, but build on strengths which you already have that will help you in the future. When it comes to building its important for both children and parents to be aware ...

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  • There is no book cover


    Marvin The Magic Mouse

    A captivating book of a little mouse who lost his family in a storm, to become friends with a vegetarian Owl " HOOT " a Must bedtime read for the little ones

  • Water



    My six year old loves this book! It is sturdy but the transparent pages make it very interesting for a slightly older child. The right amount of information and photos for this age group. We ...

  • There is no book cover


    The Fish with Red Tails

    How do I obtain a copy of the book the fish with red tails, by ayla jay Raby?

  • The Banker and the Pauper

    The Banker and the Pauper

    A wonderful lesson for us all in an increasingly money orientated world! (-BUT not everyone has enough to survive -and we should remember that too.)

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