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What’s this all about?

If you review up to 20 books within the same month, we will send you one of our recommended books for free. What is your preferred age range?

How does it work?

1) Review up to 20 books. Search for your books in Boolino and go to the User participation section. Click on “Comment” and give us your opinion. The comment needs to have at least 160 characters and please… be sincere.

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2) Comment validation. When you get to 20 reviews, someone from our team will review and validate your comments. Comments too short or not well written will not be considered, general comments such as “I loved this book” will not be valid for this promotion.

You can always verify how many comments you’re missing under the My participation section.

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3) Enjoy your free book. Once you have 20 valid comments in the same month, we will send you an e-mail requiring your address (UK) and the age range for the book. You will receive it a few days after!

Shipping to the UK only. Offer valid while supplies last. 

Start now!

We are sure you have already read lots of books with your kids, we would love to know your opinion. Use the search window, look for any of your favourite books and leave a comment: